Volunteer work

It is generally understood that volunteer work means working voluntarily, without payment, serving an organisation or a local community, which isn’t guided by material gain. Specified in the German word “Ehren-Amt” is the literal word for “honour”: A commitment with a high value for the community that deserves acknowledgement. 

Voluntary commitment is the supporting pillar of our society.

This applies Germany-wide and also in the Main Taunus district. There are people here working in a voluntary capacity in approximately 1300 associations and organizations. Without all of these committed people our district wouldn’t be the same – less colourful, less diverse, less worth living.

There are as many volunteers, as questions from volunteers regarding their work. The Main Taunus district has therefore specifically appointed a volunteer work officer. He is the administrative district office‘s contact person for associations and organizations.


Man in front of a window
Haupt- und Organisationsamt
Ehrenamt, Sport und Vereine

Volunteer work officer Pasquale Fiore
Am Kreishaus 1-5
65719 Hofheim

Phone: 06192 - 201 1516
Fax: 06192 - 201 71516
Email: ehrenamt@mtk.org