Emergency call and emergency services

Hose tower at the fire prevention and rescue services department in Hofheim

People in the Main Taunus district can also find themselves in need. Speedy assistance is important; that is why you can find the most important information here at a glance.

The police force controls its own operations but fire brigades and rescue services are alerted by the Main Taunus district.


 Emergency telephone numbers

110 Police
112 Fire brigade
112 Rescue service


Further emergency services

116 117 medical emergency services – doctors on-call

0180 5 607011   dental emergency services

Emergency fax

Emergency fax

People, who can not speak, have the possibility, to send emergencies to the central control centre by fax:

Notfall-Fax (109.83 KB)

Siren signals

A siren warning can be necessary when a serious accident occurs (natural disasters such as floods, incidents such as chemical or reactor accidents, alarm regarding leakage of atomic, biological and chemical hazardous substances (ABC-alarm)).

In order to form an opinion about what and how you are being warned, you can find the Main Taunus district’s signals here

Signale für den Main-Taunus-Kreis (137.29 KB)