Men running in the countryside
Regional park run

The Main Taunus district is a sports-mad district. There are in excess of 70,000 members in more than 200 sports clubs. More information about what is on offer can be found on the towns’ and local communities’ websites. There is a quick outline (in German) here.

Youth sport is especially important for the Main Taunus district. Almost 30,000 up-and-coming young sportspeople are actively involved in clubs – an important requirement for club life in the future.

The district also values cooperation between sports clubs and schools. Talented children are encouraged by the school sports centre.

The Main Taunus district promotes sport with considerable means: It builds and repairs school gymnasiums or subsidises clubs. Sports grounds should meet contemporary and also future requirements. That is why, for example, the old hard pitches have been replaced by modern artificial grass pitches. In addition to mass sport, the district also has an eye on elite sport. Not only are German champions frequently honoured in the administrative district office but also world champions make up the Main Taunus district’s active participants.

Health and exercise go hand in hand. That is why the sport district Main Taunus has created, in cooperation with Main Taunus district’s sport clubs and the Hessian sports federation, the „health and exercise guide“. This leaflet lists in detail health-promoting sport and exercise opportunities of clubs. The „guide“ can be found in town halls and can also be obtained directly from the Main Taunus sports district association.

Whoever wants to do sport, outside of sports facilities, in their leisure time, has a full range of opportunities. Why not enjoy the beautiful countryside or use other special offers?