Commitment and help

Refugees are provided for by the Main Taunus district and looked after by its community workers and specialists. At the same time they are supported by volunteers in the respective local communities. In many places circles of volunteers have formed who help refugees to find their way, help with all sorts of questions and also organize social get-togethers.

The Main Taunus district is in close contact with these initiatives. Based on the WIR-Program, the Main Taunus district would like to provide, with further offers and initiatives, a contribution to the integration of refugees.


Volunteers can provide valuable services when they integrate refugees into the German way of life and explain to them as much as possible; refugees should however make their own decisions. The more independently they act, the quicker they can be integrated. „Capacity building“ is the principle.

Thanks to massive voluntary support, the district‘s challenge of looking after refugees has, until now, been achieved. For this support, we would like to thank everyone, who has shown dedication in all kinds of ways.

There is a brochure from the Main Taunus district with important information and suggestions with regard to refugee work (in German):

Broschüre Integration - Information für Ehrenamtliche in der Asylbetreuung (1607.85 KB)

The federal state of Hesse has published a further guide. Whilst the Main Taunus district brochure contains detailed information about conditions in the Main Taunus district, this one gives more general information (in German).

Wegweiser für Ehrenamtliche in der Flüchtlingshilfe (3017.08 KB)