Construction and housing

A building site
Picture of a construction site

Our district between the Main and Taunus is one of the most economically powerful areas in Germany. It offers even more: Countryside and local recreation and furthermore a central location in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan area – with all its corresponding culture and free time opportunities. It‘s hardly surprising that there is a keen interest in properties here.


Properties in the Main Taunus district are sought-after and therefore also high profile real estate. An overview of current objects of purchase or rental properties in our district can be found here.

A construction fair takes place annually in Hofheim-Wallau, which informs people competently about construction, housing, renovation and the conservation of energy. The district’s planning department and building control office offers customer-friendly consultation. Annually, at least 95 percent of  numerous planning applications are approved. As a result, this contributes significantly to the Main Taunus district remaining an attractive site for construction.

There are also manifold opportunities regarding housing in old age. As a result, in most cases a person’s flat or house can be adapted to their special needs as an older person.