Registration form for interpreters in the Main Taunus district

Would you like to be involved with the Main Taunus district and support us by offering your services as an interpreter? You can register yourself here.

Participant’s details

I would like to collaborate as an interpreter in the Main Taunus district (e.g. social welfare and foreign national’s department, charitable organizations):

Additional information


  1. I am hereby notified that it is forbidden to take any video and sound recordings at or in the accommodation and am sworn to secrecy about my assignment.
  2. I will not carry out any business activities for the inhabitants of refugee accommodation in the Main Taunus district whilst working as an interpreter.

Privacy policy

Herewith I affirm that I agree to the submission of this online form and that the data submitted by myself will be electronically saved by the Main Taunus (Am Kreishaus 1-5 · 65719 Hofheim am Taunus).
The storage of information serves solely the purpose of producing a registry of possible volunteers and ensuring their reachability.
I agree that the Main Taunus district forwards my contact details to the coordinator for interpreters.
(Frau Julia Bechtluft, Am Kreishaus 1-5, 65719 Hofheim, Telephone: 06192/201-1917)

Forwarding takes place for the purpose of procurement of orders.
This declaration can be revoked at any time by way of declaration vis-à-vis the Main Taunus district’s district committee (Am Kreishaus 1-5, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus).

Please check your details once again before you press “send registration“