Europe issues

Fähnchen mit den deutschen, italienischen, britischen und französischen Landesfarben, die an einer Säule vor dem Landratsamt hängen.

The Main Taunus district is an international district. Not only do many people from other European countries live here, but the district itself, its local communities and schools have also got official relations and partnerships with other countries. Moreover, there are contacts through private associations.

The Main Taunus district has established a European Office for European issues. The Europe commissioner can answer general questions, for instance, possibilities for grants or can liaise with interested parties and can put them in touch with the correct contact person.


Once a year an event takes place for citizens in the administrative district office in celebration of Europe Day. Top class speakers, known throughout Germany or even internationally, consider all kinds of questions relating to the continent’s cooperation and unification. In doing so, the many difficulties, that repeatedly put Europe to an acid test, are discussed – whether they are financial questions or the challenge relating to the flow of refugees.

Vanessa Haupt
Europe commissioner
Phone: 06192 201-1336


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