Departments and administrative bodies

The district administration’s administrative bodies are grouped together as departments.

Department I

a man wearing a suit, stood in front of green trees
District Administrator Michael Cyriax

Department I – District Administrator Michael Cyriax

Central management, personnel, organisation, finance, law, investments, fire safety and rescue services


11 – Personnel office
Human resources management, employment plan, education and training

12 - Main and organisation office
Central coordination of strategic tasks, district administrator’s office, district authorities‘ office, the press and the general public, organisational development, regulations, quality management, IT & eGovernment, telecommunications, purchasing, post room, central registry, printing office, fleet of cars, Main Taunus customer service, complaints office, office for economic development and tourist information, honorary and associations, regional and Europe office, data protection

14 – Audit office
Audits of the district administration and towns and local communities belonging to the district

20 – Finance and accounting
Budget, financial accounting, billing, enforcement, cash management, housing, insurances

30 – Legal department
Legal matters, opposition board, elections, land register matters, local authorities, commercial interests

38 – Office for fire protection and rescue services
Fire-fighting, fire and industrial protection, rescue service, control centre, emergency services, civil protection

Department II

a man wearing a suit
First District Councillor Wolfgang Kollmeier

Department II - First District Councillor Wolfgang Kollmeier

Young people, schools, culture, building construction and real estate


51 – Office for young people, schools and culture
School development, maintenance, social services, day care for children, child guidance office, culture

66 – Building construction and real estate
Newly constructed buildings, building maintenance, facility management, meeting service, janitorial services,  climate protection, real estate, property matters


Department III

a man with glasses
District councillor Johannes Baron

Department III – District councillor Johannes Baron
Security, order, asylum, transport, labour and social affairs


33 – Public safety and order office
Foreigners, citizenship, asylum, marital status, trade, hunting and fisheries commission, forestry, weapons matters

36 – Road traffic department
Driving licenses, motor vehicle registration, road traffic matters

50 – Office for labour and social affairs
Social administration, Job-Offensive, basic security benefits for job seekers, services to help people integrate into work, employment promotion, security in old age and in reduced earning capacity, help with subsistence, help for care, homecare, integration assistance, housing benefit, equalization administration, general senior citizen assistance, supervision authorities, house contents’ compensation, maintenance for conscripts, care liaison office, insurance office, social planning

Department IV

protrait of a woman with red hair
District councillor Ingrid Hasse

Department V - District councillor Madlen Overdick

Health, consumer protection, veterinary services, climate protection


39 – Office for consumer protection and veterinary services
Consumer protection, animal welfare, food control, inspection of animals to be slaughtered and meat, animal disease control

53 – Local health authority
Medical supervision, health protection, environmental health, paediatric, dental, social psychiatric and medical service, care for disabled people, coordination office for people with disabilities, TB care, AIDS counselling, non-medical practitioner matters

63 – Office for construction and the environment 
Construction supervision, local planning, protection of historic buildings and monuments, district roads, environment protection and emission control, lower nature conservation authority, lower water and soil protection authority, land reclamation,  local and regional planning, chimney sweep, waste management


Department V

a woman with glasses
Voluntary district councillor Ingrid Hasse

Department V - Voluntary district councillor Ingrid Hasse

Family, women’s office, equal rights, integration


34 – Office for family, women, equal rights and integration
Counselling and assistance for citizens in search of  advice, improvement of the situation of women, maintaining contact with other equal opportunities offices, task force „violence in the  family“, public relations, women and career, demography development, migrant women advice, 50plus, integration officers

Women’s representatives according to the Hessian Equality Act – direct assignment to District Administrator Cyriax.